Important: The new 228 Route started, Friday, 3rd May 2024

Important Service Update for Route 228: Kinsale–Cork City

Dear Valued Passengers,

We wish to inform you of an important change affecting our Route 228 service, which was launched last year with the aim of providing a reliable connection for the people of Kinsale, Belgooly, Riverstick, Ballinhassig and the surrounding areas to Cork City, while also taking the pressure off the existing 226 service, which was severely struggling.

Despite our best intentions and considerable efforts to sustain the current Route 228 service, the passenger numbers have consistently fallen well below the operational threshold needed to maintain financial viability. Unfortunately, the service has been incurring significant losses, which, coupled with our ever increasing overheads, including staff wages, fuel and vehicle maintenance etc, have made it unsustainable.

Faced with the stark choice of either discontinuing Route 228 entirely or implementing significant changes, we engaged in extensive consultations with the National Transport Authority (NTA) as well as passengers at the bus stops, local TDs and the local senator Tim Lombard. The TDs worked very hard to try and help but, unfortunately, the most local representative, Senator Tim Lombard, demonstrated a notable lack of interest and failed to undertake any efforts to address the issues. It became evident that the primary issue was the majority of passengers overwhelmingly wanting a faster journey between Kinsale and Cork City. This led us to the difficult decision to discontinue the Ballinhassig, CUH and UCC stops and to introduce major changes to the existing route.

While the regrettable decision to alter the existing 228 route will affect some passengers, we are, however, excited to announce that the revised Route 228 will be a faster 30-minute service, directly connecting Kinsale to Cork City without travelling to Cork Airport. This new service was designed with the NTA to benefit the greatest number of passengers while keeping journey times as short as possible and so we have chosen a new stop on Grand Parade that is less than a 15-minute walk to UCC gates; this Grand Parade stop is also serviced by the 205 bus to UCC and 208 bus to CUH, both depart from Patrick’s St and Washington St so just a short walk from our stop and the 220 picks up at our stop in Grand Parade and goes to UCC and MTU. Our new Grand Parade stop will have the added benefit of a new bus shelter. This shelter is located in a safe, well-lit area of the city, thereby addressing a frequent request from many of our passengers.

We understand and regret any inconvenience this may cause. It is important to clarify that Kinsale Connect is not a state-funded entity but a small family-owned business that has been serving West Cork for over 50 years. The decision to modify this route was solely based on operational viability and not influenced by any external motives. In light of these changes, we are actively engaging with local government representatives to explore the possibility of Integrating the existing 228 route via Ballinhassig, CUH , UCC route into a government-funded PSO route. This adjustment would ensure continued service for our affected passengers and help alleviate pressure on the existing infrastructure.

We genuinely believe that our new and improved Route 228 will significantly benefit the residents of the Kinsale area and provide a robust addition to the 226 service. We will soon announce the launch date of our updated service.

The new updated 228 Route from Kinsale to Cork City will be as follows:

Kinsale – Belgooly – Riverstick – Fivemilebridge – George’s Quay – City Library – St Patrick’s Quay

And the 228 Route from Cork City to Kinsale will be as follows:

St Patrick’s Quay – Grand Parade – South Mall – City Hall – Fivemilebridge – Riverstick – Belgooly – Kinsale Town

We would like to apologise to anyone affected by our decision and to thank you for your understanding and continued support. Should you have any questions or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Services Team at 021 701 1288 or via email at

Warm regards,
Damien Long
Kinsale Connect

The new 228 Route started Friday, 3rd May 2024 (Bank Holiday Weekend).

This is now the FASTEST, CHEAPEST & MOST DIRECT route to the city!